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We discuss how successful startups work. We are trying to bring not only the budding startups, but also entrepreneurs who are considering starting a startup, what awaits them in the world of venture capital, what to look out for, who to turn to for advice and most importantly, how to ambitiously build a startup and not burn out in the process.

Investment for your startup w/ Martin Zahuranec ? #01


Billion-dollar startups
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We work with the most successful Slovak startups

“I have never regretted that Finax decided to cooperate with Wezeo”

Thanks to Wezeo and their experienced people, our project was able to break through in Central European countries and is very successful.

One of the things I like about Wezeo is that they have people in their team who can solve any IT problem we’ve faced over the several years we’ve been working together.

Juraj Hrbatý


“I definitely recommend them especially for innovative digital projects and startups”

I started cooperation with the guys from Wezeo on my startup. I chose them mainly because of their interesting hybrid approach to app development.

What surprised me about the collaboration was that decision-makers and C-level people were also involved in the project and devoted themselves to my project beyond the scope of the business agreement.

Michal Truban


“In short, MATHISON is not just your lawyer, but a true partner.”

We are satisfied clients of their legal services and now also use their wide and strong network of funds, angel investors etc.

MATHISON’s approach is exactly what startups and young technology companies can use – they can adapt to the fast-paced environment and always provide creative solutions that help founders and companies in the long term.

Martin Zahuranec



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